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Another scam e-mail

The other day, I received yet another scam e-mail. It arrived via my AR contact address.  This latest e-mail was worthy of a Shakespearean drama.


The protagonist's mother dies, when she is only 6 years old.  She is lovingly raised by her father.  Her father, a successful businessman, travels abroad, on a business trip, with his uncle.  While on that trip, he is murdered, the result of a sinister plot that the uncle has master-minded.

Before he succumbs, the father manages to summon his secretary and reveal to him that he has stashed away $15.7 million.  It is in a (security?) box at a leading African Security company.  He instructs the secretary to deposit the funds in his beloved daughter's name.  He then scratches out implicit instructions, to his lawyer.  He takes his last breath, and dies.  CURTAIN...end of ACT I

The daughter, an innocent University student, is now an orphan and homeless.  She is totally on her own.  She does not know who to turn to, for help.  Whom can she trust, who will advise her, who will take care of her, where can she live?  She is depressed and disheartened.

A light dawns.  She knows what to do.  She will scan the members of ActiveRain.  After all, who is more trustworthy than a REALTOR®?  The funds are unimportant.  She will give this person whatever percentage of the money, he wants.  She rushes to her computer to find her victim saviour.  CURTAIN...end of ACT II


If anyone is foolish enough to fall for this plot, he (she) will divulge all of his personal information, in order to transfer the funds.  He will end up losing his identity and everything he owns.

After all...it is a Shakespearean tragedy. 



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The other day, I received yet another scam e-mail It arrived via my AR contact address. This latest e-mail was worthy of a Shakespearean drama. The protagonist's mother dies, when she is only 6 years old She is lovingly raised by… more
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